Friday, April 16, 2010

Trio of Favorites

Once I find something I like, I stick with it. I have a pair of strappy wedge sandals that that I've worn every single summer since high school.... and I graduated in 2000. They finally fell apart last summer and I am in desperate need of a replacement - but that's not what this is about. Nope, this is about my new favorite things. Things that I have no idea how I lived without for so many years, because they just make me feel good.

#1: Comfortable Shoes. I always said I'd rather die than wear Crocs. Then I found these and my world changed:My new favorite shoes - Crocs Malindi Slingbacks. They are insanely comfortable and look adorable with a pair of capris. Truthfully, once they're on and you look at them, they just look like a pair of brown flats. Except they are so.comfortable. And they don't start hurting after 4 hours. They squeek a little. But the comfort totally makes up for that. I have worn them every single day this week. I probably need a pair in black now. And at $27 a pop ($18 for the bright pink ones on Amazon) I'll probably get another pair!

#2: Lip Stuff. I like to buy lip stuff. A lot. This obviously means that I have a ton of half used chapsticks, glosses, and balms. Then I found this:The greatest lip balm of all time - Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I use it constantly... there's a fraction of a nub left that I'm now rationing because at $22.50 this stuff doesn't come cheap. It does, however, leave my lips velvety smooth, which is a HUGE feat considering the amount that I bite them. It's not sticky, it's not heavy, it's not waxy.... really it's just perfect. And it's a shame it's so expensive, because then I wouldn't have to ration it.

#3 Flattering Jeans - for when you're too old for low rise, but not old enough for a solid pair of mom jeans. Gap got it right, and my ass loves them for it.

The first time anyone has ever called me Long & Lean - GAP Long & Lean Jeans in Medium Wash. They say these jeans have a mid rise... I think they are liars. It's pretty low. But the back is contoured in a way that allows me to bypass the whole whale tail thing that is apparently all the rage with the high schoolers these days. The jeans have a really nice drape - somewhere between a boot cut and trouser leg, but really fitted in the thigh. My legs look insanely skinny in these (and I can assure you that they, in fact, are not as skinny as they appear) and the denim is SO SOFT. And they don't stretch out. And I am so pissed I just found out about these, because they are fabulous.
So those are my new favorites - what are yours?

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