Thursday, April 1, 2010

No words.

If, for some bizarre-o reason, you feel like you were on the receiving end of the worst marriage proposal ever, I dare you to click HERE and read #3. I can assure you that however you received your diamond, it was better than the woman in #3. She should probably just kill herself.

Side note: I literally received the best proposal ever from the best guy ever. However, if he would have asked and in any way involved my vagina, I would have said no. It's just inappropriate.


Anonymous said...

Ewwwwww....don't think so to #3!

Southern Auntie

Allison said...

that can NOT be true. that is the grossest thing EVER, and "gross" should not be a word used to describe a marriage proposal. GOOD GRIEF!!!!

Molly said...

are doctors supposed to date their patients? did he wipe all the ewwie dr jelly off before he gave it to her? did he check her for stds before he asked her out?
my oh, my. this is wrong on so many levels.