Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Stuff

It has been crazy town at work this week and I have nothing intelligent to say, so feel free to skip this one. I'll have much more interesting things to talk about at the end of the week. Just come back then.

Last week I was out for a conference. All week. Probably a bad judgement call on my part, but it was for my job and I was presenting. A week is just too long to be out of the office, and I am paying for it now. How unfortunate.

I ate an entire pint of strawberries and a cup of grapes for lunch today. With a yogurt. And some almonds. It was delicious and I wish I could afford a pint of strawberries for every day of the week.

We went to a baseball game last night in flip flops. It's mid-April, of course we were wearing flip flops. Said flip-flops were the direct cause of us leaving in the 6th inning because of frostbitten toes because it was F-IN FREEZING.

My birthday is in 24 days! I'll be 28. In case you didn't know, 28 is just 2 years away from being 30. My life goal is to have my shit together by the time I'm 30... obviously this means I have 2 years and 24 days to get my shit together. Oh, you want to know what "getting my shit together" entails? Oh you know... pay off credit cards, pay off the car, decide where we want to live, figure out what I want to do for a living, find and purchase a home, have some babies... the usual. And wouldn't you know, I'll be able to cross 2 of those things off the list by the end of the year!

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Kim said...

Hey Katie! First time I've been able to read your blog in ages!! Hope you and Ryan are doing well today - Happy May, your birthday month! How is Ryan's job going, and how are you feeling? -Kim