Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sending my love via the intranets.

Happy Valentine's Day!

After 14 full days snowed in with my husband and dog, I can honestly say there's no place I'd rather be.... shoot, I could be snowed in forever with these two:

Are they not the cutest? I know. And while we're here, I also want to send some Valentine's Day love to my sister and brother (at left and second to left):
And to my mom and little sister (& Adam, not pictured):
Ryan and I love you guys and hope you visit soon!

I also wanted to send lots of Valentine's Day love to some folks who may not want their faces plastered all over my blog for all of the internets to see: my Southern Auntie & Uncle, our fabulous bridal party, my BFF & her family, my in-laws, and all of our awesome friends! Oh, and Marley sends her love to Lola. Smooches from our house to yours <3

Wishing everyone a love-filled Valentine's Day!

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Bre said...

Lola wants Marley to know that she loves her lots and is looking forward to "sniffing" her ears in the near future. Happy V-day Hagens!