Friday, December 4, 2009

It only fell 2x before we figured out the stand.

WOOOOO HOOOOOO it's Christmas time at our house! We went out the Sunday after Thanksgiving (so technically our tree was up in November) and got this little guy from Lowe's (because we're classy like that). We put on some Christmas music, pulled out our ornaments, and decorated all night. I bought this star at Target in 2006, and I just love it (with all of it's rustic-ness):

When we first moved to Baltimore, we took a walk through Hampden and found a shop full of crab shells painted like different characters. We picked up a crab shell Yoda:

I got this one in 2005, the first Christmas we had Marley:

Here's one of many Rutgers ornaments on our tree:

I participated in an ornament exchanged hosted by Justine over at Almost There and received these two ornaments from Katie over at Loves of Life:

I just love them! Thanks, Katie!
Each of the ornaments on our tree is special - they were either given to us, or or from our childhood, or purchased because they ment something to us (like the oriole bird I bought for our first Christmas in Baltimore)... I love that even though our tree is just a little bare, it's full of meaning and memories. I try to pick up ornaments every time we travel (I have a little cowboy boot from a trip to Austin and a heavy ball with sombreros from our honeymoon in Mexico) or when I see one that reminds me of something we've done.

Here's a shot of the full tree:

And of course one of Marley with the tree:

And yes, it only tipped over twice before we got it straight in the tree stand :-)


Katie said...

I love those ornaments...almost kept them for myself ;)

Miss M said...

I am a big fan of ornaments that have meaning, each year you get more and more and get to remember where they came from. We have a wood start at my mom's house too!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

We used to always get an ornament when we traveled. I think your tree is very special. Our live ones almost always fell over. The only real fights I ever had with my husband were about the tree. I would tell him it wasn't sturdy and that it was going to fall...he would swear it was the middle of the night...crash. It happened over and over, we would even wire the thing into the floor. A few years ago we got an artificial tree and no more fights or falling trees!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said... your blog..
I love looking at everyone's trees...Your pictures are great...Visit my holiday blog and you will find my trees among all the others we decorate...