Monday, November 30, 2009

Etsy Love: Give some this holiday season!

My favorite way to waste time is browse Etsy in search of things I didn't know I needed. My newest obsession is the In Touch Clutch by DownstairsDesigns. It's a neat little clutch that keeps notebooks, paper, stamps, business cards, and all that good stuff close at hand and all together in one spot. This one is my favorite (photos taken from DownstairsDesigns):

I've hand my eye on it for awhile now, and seeing it in person this weekend (my sister has one with a yellow pattern) sealed the deal. I don't know if Santa shops on Etsy, but if he does I would be thrilled to death to get this little clutch!


Looking for a gift for newlyweds or new homeowners? My favorite go-to gift is a simple wood sign like this:


My sisters gave me one at my bridal shower, and I sent one to my BFF as a housewarming gift - every newlywed loves to see their family name up on the wall! There are many sign makers on Etsy, but I went with ThatsMySign and loved the results. They have a few different fonts, colors, and styles so it's easy to customize this gift to the recipient.


I know I've posted a few of Gussy's sassy ruffled goodness before, but I just can't do an Etsy post and not mention her! Just look at this stuff:

Wouldn't a ruffled pouch make a great gift for your favorite friend? And the accessory pouches are only $18 - perfect for the $20 offce Secret Santa exchange!


Or how about a hostess gift that goes beyond the standard bottle of wine? I love these little soaps from AJSweetShop:

(Jello Source, Chocolate Source)

Each of these sets are less than $10 each! She's got a ton of different shapes and scents - I ordered a few different ones for my guest bathroom and each one smells amazing. I highly recommend the pumpkin spice!


So what are your Etsy favorites? I know you got 'em, so share with us!


Allison said...

Fun stuff! I, too, am completely obsessed with Etsy! Just bought Xmas gifts for five people from Etsy on Friday!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I just ordered 2 of the Touch Clutch them! Thanks for pointing me in that direction.


downstairs Designs said...

Hi from Downstairs Designs! Thanks for the sweet mention, and I sure hope Santa's elves find me for you!!