Tuesday, November 3, 2009

eBay = 2 Thumbs Up

Over the past few weeks I've been posting lots of old/not worn/never going to look right on me clothes (ok, not "lots") on eBay with the hopes of making some extra cash to put towards holiday shopping and 2 belts just sold! I've made just over $100 so far! just by cleaning out my closet and posting them on eBay. How great?!

And the stuff that I list but don't sell automatically goes in a pile to take to Goodwill. I was never really that big into buying/selling on eBay, but I am a convert. Anyone else have good luck with eBay lately?


Maggie Whitley said...

That is so awesome, Katie! Imagine how great it will feel to buy a few gifts for "free" this Christmas! :) yay! Go you! :)


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I haven't used ebay in quite a while, but we had very good luck in the past. I'm glad it is going well.


Steph said...

The best part is if you didn't buy it in the first place! haha but it is also weird to see what people are looking for on ebay. When I want a belt, ebay is not the first place I think of.

Pollyanna said...

I love getting rid of stuff I don't use for cash :) I need to get back out there on ebay because I could use a little extra.

Melissa said...

I have always wondered whether stuff has to be designer to sell on ebay. What kind of stuff are you selling and in what condition is it in? Perhaps I will be inspired to clean out my closet too! (PS love the pic of your puppy, so cute.)