Friday, October 9, 2009

Worth it.

My mall job is directly next to a Williams-Sonoma and every other day I walk past the window and I see this:

And every day I thought to myself "Wow, that looks delicious. I must buy it." So last time I was at the mall, I went in and I asked for a jar. I, for some reason, didn't expect the $15 price tag. I should have, but I didn't... but truthfully, I had been thinking about it for far too long to even care.

I made it last night over cheese ravioli. Amazing doesn't even describe it. Ryan's verdict: This is possibly the best idea you've ever had.

Just buy it. Your tummy will be so happy your wallet won't care that it was $15 a jar. (Well, it might care a little. Mine cares enough to make sure I buy it only with gift cards I still have from the wedding.)


Maggie Whitley said...

Oh my! That looks delicious! If that is Ryan's response, I'm sure Zack's will be equally awesome. LOL.


Someone's Mom said...

We don't have a Williams-Sonoma near us, but I always go in when I travel. I love their stuff, and the few times I have paid the astro price for their food items, I wasn't disappointed. I will look for this next time I get out of the middle of nowhere.


G+D said...

I love pumpkin, but I have to admit that this wouldn't have sounded appealing to me had I walked by it in a store. But since you (and your husband) gave it such rave reviews, my curiosity is now piqued. I may have to check this out!

Adam said...

That might pair well with butternut squash ravioli.