Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dining Room Make Over: Help

Here's a shot of my dining room:
Please excuse the crap on the table and the mismatched console table. That console table is going to be my first refinishing project, which is where you come in (wow, so soon!). What color should that be? I suppose I could sand it all the way down and hope it matches the table and entertainment cart, but I don't think that it will... so what shall I do with it?
But the real question here, folks, is what color do I paint the walls? I'd really love to do the whole downstairs one color, but I don't think we can because here's what the other side of the room looks like: Not terrible... but here's what's at the end of the couch:
A wall that goes right up the stairs to the ceiling. Yes, right where the stairs start, the wall just goes straight up 2 stories. It looks nice, yes, but I don't have the skill to tape off the ceiling (and remember, we rent - I'm not paying someone to do this).

Side note - I realize the frames above the couch don't really "go". That's because we just did some rearranging and didn't move them yet. I have a HUGE mirror that's going over the couch, I just need a stud finder to hang it.
So here's the dilemma - what can I do about painting if I can't pain the wall behind the couch? Is it going to look majorly stupid if I just do the east/west walls and not the 2 end walls (behind the couch and the wall behind the dining room table)?

I'm at a loss.... help!


Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I don't think it will matter if you don't do all the walls, lots of people do accent walls that come out very nicely! It looks like you have a lot of neutrals going on right now, I think some color would add a lot to the space! Any colors that you lean towards particularly? I think that a lovely green or blue would be perfect but then...those are two of my favorite colors! Hope this helps!

Also, I left you something on my blog this morning!

Maggie Whitley said...


You can always paint the wall the window is on, so that is the accent wall. I'd look around your home and find one wall that would be easy to target as that.

Neutral walls can be good! You can use throws, pills, candles, books and wall art to decorate with color. You can stretch fabric over wooden frames and make your own art.

You can also use textured curtains and rugs to bring in some color and definition. I'd really be sure you want to paint before you start. We rent, too, and some times it's not worth the hassle, especially if they require you paint it back.

Remember how we moved to Minneapolis with a 3-day notice? Yeah. If our landlords required us to paint it back we would have been so screwed! I don't think paint is worth the fines $$. Ick.

Try and go with a specific color scheme to tie everything together.

As for your dining room, consider hanging nice window curtain hardware on the back wall and hanging a neat curtain on it. It will give the room depth, character, and some sass :)

You could do any number of colors. What about chocolate brown? Add a table cloth or runner to your table. Give your table a center piece.

I hope this helps :)


Someone's Mom said...

You got some great suggestions. I love a pop of color, and you could do that on one wall, as long as you also pull the same color with accessories. I like a deep taupe, or a dark red in a dining room. I can't wait to see what you decide to do. There were some good points made about what you do when you are renting.


BrightenedBoy said...

What about a peach or red color for the living room and a robin's egg blue for the kitchen?

I'm probably the least qualified person in the world to give advice on this subject, but I think that would look nice.