Monday, July 27, 2009

Future Rugby Player

Since deciding that we'd be in our (rented) townhouse for at least another year and a half, I've been a redecorating queen. CraigsList is my bff. I scout the Decorating & Renovating board on The Nest ever night. My new favorite blog? Design Dazzle. Check it out; I'll wait.

Make sure you follow that one - new pictures pop up almost every day! I am in love with the little girl nurserys, but if we have a little boy we're going with something like this one. It's so calming, yet completely boyish. You just know the little guy sleeping in that room is going to be a rugby player one day.

Spill it - what are your favorite design blogs?


Stephanie said...

I've never seen Design Dazzle before; it looks like a great resource! Even though we have our own house now, I still read Apartment Therapy because they have a lot of DIY and inexpensive ideas for decorating.

Molly said...

Little girl nurserys, huh? :)
I love Pink Loves Brown. She just had a baby though, so is taking a little break. I need to follow more, or not. The hubs would probably appreciate me not spending more money decorating! :)