Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bar. Bathrobe. The Deadliest Catch.

It was Tuesday night in San Diego. I was relaxing in the hot tub with some folks from the conference. With beers. In a bathing suit. One minute we're laughing about stupid things people do at our jobs, and the next I'm being asked if I want to go to a bar real quick to meet the cast of The Deadliest Catch.

Um, yes please.

Disclaimer: There wasn't enough time for me to run upstairs and get changed into real clothes. There just wasn't. In my infinite (read: slightly drunk) wisdom, I decided it would be good enough to just put a bathrobe over my (very) wet bathing suit. The following pictures are sooooo not attractive, but I learned my lesson in 8th grade when I met Michael Jordan at a resort in Hawaii and didn't take any pictures.... and now no one believes I actually shook MJ's hand. Always get photo proof, people. Even if you look like hell.

And now on to the pictures. Here I am explaining to the crew of the Time Bandit why I am at a bar in a bathrobe:

The guys were totally cool and we sort of took a million pictures. I am grinning like a jackass in every single one.

The captain of the Wizard joined us for a photo op (far left):

Then we went into the bar and met Sig Hansen, captain of the Northwestern (far right):

And this is Mike from the Time Bandit:

For reference, you can check out crew photos from The Deadliest Catch here. I wish I had some huge story to go along with this, but that was really it. The guys were all super nice and let us take a ton of photos. Someone (me) asked about Mike Rowe, but apparently he doesn't do the narration with the crew (duh) so he wasn't there (they had just finished taping the new season). So no Mike Rowe, but guess who made a surprise appearence? Ben Bailey, hottie host of Cash Cab:

So that's the story, folks. Always carry a camera and always ask for a photo... even if you look like absolute hell. Trust me... I still kick myself for being too shy to ask for MJ's photo and that was almost 15 years ago. (DAMN, I am getting OLD)


Molly said...

You are hilarious!

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

How cool is THAT??? I was actually googling to see if Mike Rowe and Ben Bailey are related. I still don't know - but I found you. That's just about as good. You're a riot!

TLB said...

I know im way late on this post, but seriously! Ben Bailey AND the deadlist catch crew... LUCKY!