Friday, May 29, 2009

This is why I don't keep this crap in my house.

This morning started out ok. WW smoothie with a little peanut butter. Morning snack was a WW 2 points bar. Lunch was 2 scrammbled eggs with a slice of fat free ceddar cheese. Afternoon snack was a Vitatop.

Then I got home.

And saw the can of Pringles staring at me from the kitchen counter.

So I ate them. I ate probably half a can of Pringles while reading the latest Redbook (for some reason I get this delivered to my house. I never paid for a subscription, nor signed up for it, so I have no idea why it's come to me the last 3 months).

All of that salty goodness was making my mouth dry so I got up to get some water. While grabbing a water from the fridge, I saw the tube of red frosting I used to make the 5 on Marley's birthday cake. I decided this would be much tastier than the water, so I ate the rest of the tube.

Now I feel like hell. And this is exactly the reason I don't keep this crap in my house - because I have ZERO self-control and my rationale is not "Just don't eat it"... it's "Eat it all now so there isn't any more for later."

And I was doing so well with Weight Watchers... I'm officially down 6.8 pounds in the last 7 weeks. Weigh in on Tuesday is soooooo not going to be pretty.

Kill me.


Housewife Savant said...

Chalk it up to bad today and not necessarily bad tomorrow.
Cuz Pringles...jeez; we ALL fail with Pringles. They're a salty, greezy textural delight. Don'tthinkabout'em!
At least you didn't finish off Marley's cake.
(You didn't, did you?)

Kate said...

Hahaha, no I didn't finish off Marley's cake. That pig ate it all herself yesterday.

Molly said...

I could eat an entire can of pringles. No problem. Last week I ate cream cheese frosting leftover in my fridge. I am sooo bad with junk in the house. I try to let myself have only one cheat meal a week, so then I don't feel terrible. Don't beat yourself up!!

Steph said...

Your 10k will burn it all off. (We won't count the cupcake and champagne afterparty)

Katie said...

don't feel too bad. That red frosting would've gotten me too.