Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear Adam Lambert -

I think you are gorgeous. Guy-liner, fake lashes, and all. You rock. I don't care if people think your music is actually just screaming. I know talent when I hear it. Please come out with an album soon because my iPod is getting sick of playing illegally downloaded copies of "Ring of Fire" and "If I Can't Have You".

I promise I'll pay for your album. Just hurry up. And if you could do a few tv appearences, that'd be great, too.


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~K~ said...

He reminds me of a Calvin Klein model. :)

Jo said...

I LOVE his singing and when he did it with KISS and Queen it made me love him even more. Even when I'm not a fan of KISS. LOVE.HIM!

Molly said...

He is sexy as all get-up! I don't care that he is (possibly) gay. I LOVED his version of ring of fire and I thought I was the only one!