Friday, April 3, 2009

Thanks for the advice.

Today I went to a 7-11 on my way home from work. I was super thirsty, so I got a huge bottle of water... the huge, huge (like 32 oz) size. Then on my way to the register, I got a huge cup of ice. I really like my water arctic cold, so sometimes I like to fill a slurpee cup full to the top with ice and then pour in water, which I then sip through a straw. Honestly, I hate water so anything that makes it tolerable is worth it.

So I go to the cashier with my huge thing of water and a cup filled with just ice. I am in line behind a gentleman who is having a conversation with the male cashier. they appear to be friends. The cashier motions that I can put my items on the counter. I do. He looks at my water and then at my empty cup. The following conversation then took place:

Guy in line ahead of me: That's a lot of water.
Me: I know. I need to drink more water.
Cashier: Yeah, you need to drink water or else your pee stinks.
Guy in line ahead of me: (looks at cashier) Yo, WHAT?
Cashier: Yeah, son, you don't drink enough water and your pee starts smelling like a freakin' zoo. Like a wild animal an' shit.
Me: Thanks for the advice.

So just to recap....



~K~ said...

I love the picture equation. LOL

Steph said...

how come people only say these things in front of you?

Kate said...

Steph- Thats what I've been wondering for 26 years.