Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The real question is how did they afford to go to Cancun?

It would appear that US Officials expect a bunch of deaths from the Swine Flu that's going around. According to an article on Yahoo News, the Swine Flu has killed more than 150 people in Mexico and there have been 68 cases of the Swine Flu reported in the US.

That same article goes on to say: "In New York, there were growing signs that the virus was moving beyond St. Francis Preparatory school, where sick students started lining up last week at the nurse's office. The outbreak came just days after a group of students returned from spring break in Cancun."

Um, who is sending a group of high school students on spring break to Cancun? What type of parents are sending their 16 year old child to CANCUN over SPRING BREAK? You don't have to watch a ton of MTV to know what sort of things happen in Cancun during March and April. But even that aside, we're talking about kids who maybe have a year of part-time work under their belts - how did they afford to go on spring break? I'm a grown-up working full time and even then I had to scrimp and save for over a YEAR to afford to go to Mexico for our honeymoon!

Honestly. I don't even know what my mom would have said to me if I told her I was going to Cancun when I was in high school. I assume she would have laughed in my face. I know that's what I'd do if my 16 year old asked me that question.


Molly said...

Seriously! That is so crazy. Thanks to them for spreading it to all of us left at home while they partied. Ha!

judycolby said...

Thirty (?)years ago my mom would of asked where Cancun was!

~K~ said...

I completely agree! It's insane. But then again, when I'm walking to work ( I work in NYC), I see 6 year old's being dropped off at school from a LIMO!

Quail said...

I agree. The students were probably up for it big time but I have to question the motives of the trip organiser. To blow money on a party trip seems like a huge waste to me. Should have had a rave in the school gym instead and have a fund raiser.