Thursday, April 30, 2009

Now we can enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Ryan and I played hooky on Tuesday (shhhhhh, don't tell) so we could spend the day together doing nothing. We eventually made our way to Target, where we picked up two chairs and a little table for our little bitty patio.

Marley said she'd pose for a picture if I promised that she could eat dinner outside with us.

The chairs were on sale for $20 each, and I think the table was also $20. The chairs and table all fold up, which is really nice; we can put them in our outside closet when we're not using them so they don't get gross. We ended up sitting outside last night eating that delicious shrimp. The view from the patio isn't too bad, either:

I'm super excited to finally have a cute patio set so we can enjoy dinner outside. Obviously Marley likes eating outside, too, and is very good off-leash. She laid at our feet and sniffed all the good smells floating around out there. It finally felt like the begining of summer, eating dinner, watching the sun slowly set, enjoying the warm air and the last of the sun's rays on my face...

Obviously is was 45 degrees and pouring rain today - just so I can't enjoy my friggin' $60 worth of patio furniture.

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Steph said...

That patio set is very cute! Marley needs a bed to match. :)