Monday, April 27, 2009

Like I need another necklace.

Ryan and I have recently gotten into 30 Rock and the other night I noticed Tina Fey's (Liz Lemon's?) necklace:


It's just a gold disc with her initial on it and I love it. Much research would show that it is made by Helen Ficalora. About 30 seconds of research would show that Helen is too good to list her prices on her website. Damn you, Helen. So now do I call the 1-800 number listed on the website to then hear that these little discs are $400 each and then say "Oh, thanks for the info...." ::click:: ? Or do I just hope that one day it shows up at my house? Why do I love things that cost lots of dollars? Well, probably costs a lot of dollars, I should say... since good old Helen chose to not post her prices. I think we both know that when prices aren't listed it usually means Out of Your League.

I honestly have an uncanny ability to look at a selection of items and unknowingly choose the most expensive thing. Usually it's the sparkliest. I'm like a friggin' Magpie. Yup. Me and Magpies. We heart sparkly things sooooo hard.

Research (ie Google) answers the time old question: Why do magpies like shiny things? "Because magpies are intelligent, curious beings that like to explore. Shiny things interest them as toys, play-pretties, or something to stash away. They like to hoard. A magpie, though a loud boisterous animal, takes her livelihood seriously and hoards right after she learns to fly."

Well, shoot. If that doesn't perfectly describe me, then I don't know what does.

Magpie from HERE.

OK, how did we go from 30 Rock to birds?


Suzanne said...

I realize this post is like a year old (almost to the day!) but I just came across it rather randomly and wanted to let you know - I could make you your very own "Liz Lemon" necklace for about 10% of the price of the one you found :) Let me know if you're interested!

Anonymous said...

here is the price list for helen

lala said...

I fell in love with it too and figured it was a Helen piece. I loved the necklace in 27 dresses too that Jane wears, also a Helen piece.