Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worst decision maker ever.

We moved back in January and have finally settled in/put enough stuff away to start the decorating phase! Truthfully, I've never really decorated anything before - our old apartment's style was "We'll Worry About It When We're Married", which, if you're not familar with this, mainly consists of all of the crap two people have from college and grad school all in one apartment. Our mantra was wait for the bridal shower and we had grand ideas of "When we get married...". Then we got engaged. Then we got married. Then we came back from our honeymoon and we were like "Oh crap, we're adults now". Minus all of the very fancy china/silverware/high thread count sheets (thank you for all of the bridal shower gifts!!!!!), we're still the same old Katie and Ryan. And to think, someone is going to let us leave the hospital with a child one day (not in the next few months, Mom). So bizarro.

But I digress. What I'm really trying to say is that I've spent the last few weeks trying to come up with some cohesive plan for each room so our new townhouse gives off the impression that we're adults. First up... the bedroom. Everything in there looks pretty good, but there's something missing. We don't have a headboard and our bed looks sort of sad against the middle of the white bedroom wall.

I'm thinking I can liven things up a little with a well placed vinyl monogram, but (as usual) I can't decide. I've narrowed it down to three, all from Vinyl Vineyard... first we'll take a look at my choices:

Monogram A:

Monogram B:

Monogram C:

And now we'll take a look at my vast empty wall:
Wow, that's depressing. Maybe I do need a headboard. I swear it doesn't look that sad in real life - and yes that's a Build-A-Bear bunny. Ryan made it for me before we both left for grad school, so let's pretend you aren't laughing about it and don't even throw that "let's be adults" thing back in my face. Let's also pretend that I didn't get the side tables at Kroger (yes, the grocery store) in Indiana for $9.99 each. Although, to be fair, we've had them now for 4 years and they continue to serve their purpose. So maybe the joke's on you if you spent more than $10 on bed tables. But back to the no headboard situation - it's pathetic. Just so you don't think I live in a little jail cell (with my white walls and no pictures), here's a picture of what you'd see if you had the pleasure of standing in the doorway of the bedroom:
OK, a headboard would really tie this all together... but I don't have $400 so we're going with the monogram. So, if you had white walls and couldn't paint (damn you, Rent!!), which monogram would you go with?


Katie said...

Hey Kate,

I have a cheap idea for a headboard that my husband and I used for a while:
Get one sheet of OSB (plywood/composite board) from lowes..I think it's about $5. They'll make three cuts on it for free for you. (You should only need two cuts, at the max).

Then buy some batting, staple it to it, get a sheet or matching fabric you like, and staple that to it, and prop it up behind your bed.

Viola, instant headboard. It will make your decal pop that much more. I think it cost me like, $15 bucks total.

(By the way, my vote is the Madison Monogram.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
Well, I've seen interior doors painted and hung horizontally behind the bed. Lowe's or Home Depot have them cheap or if ya know someone who is throwing away an old interior door...paint it a bright color and put up your monogram..I vote A or B. I'd also add sconces or some greenery on either side...there ya have it..Your "Southern Aunt"

Steph said...

My vote goes with monogram B. Are all rooms going to have a vinyl decoration? haha.

Amber said...

my wall is bare like yours, so I have no ideas LOL

Kate said...

Hmmm... I'm really liking the "door as headboard" idea. I'm also really into the DIY fabric headboard. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to see what i can come up with... no worries, a full DIY headboard post is on the way!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey katie,
I was going to suggest the exact same thing that the first comment described. I've seen the plywood-based headboard done first-hand and its not terrible to finish over a weekend and probably costs less than $100 (depends on the fabric). Just make sure that you get enough material for the headboard to rest on the floor and come to an acceptable height behind your bed.

Katie said...

I love Monogram C, and I would definitely look into finding a headboard!

Kerri said...

I like B and another suggestionis to find a head board at a yard sale since they are starting. If you don't like the color, but it is solid wood you can always paint it. Or do the DIY. I have always wanted to try one, so if you do, definitely post pics!