Saturday, March 28, 2009

OK, You Win.

When I go to the mall, no matter what I am buying (be it a $24 shirt or the $100 Ann Taylor LOFT dress that I'm in love with), I am always asked if I'd like to open a store credit card to "save 15% on today's purchase". There are usually 2 different ways it could go:

Scenario #1
Cashier: OK, your total is $30. Would you like to open a Macys credit card today?
Me: No, thank you.
Cashier: You could save 15% on today's purchase...
Me: No, not today.
Cashier: OK, how will you be paying?

Scenario #2
Cashier: OK, your total is $30. Would you like to open a Macy's credit card today?
Me: No, thank you.
Cashier: You oculd save 15% on today's purchase...
Me: No, not today.
Cashier: But you also get lots of coupons throughout the year and we'll notify you of special sales, and you could be entered to win a gift card every month! It's really a great deal and you could even just pay it off every month and not even have to carry a balance on it! It would be like using regular money!
Me: Listen, I'm in a debt management program because I used to have too many credit cards. I honestly do not want your card today.
Cashier: Oh. :: awkward silence:: OK, how do you want to pay.

For those who don't know me in real life, I really am in a debt management program (It's sort of a long story, so if you really want to hear about it, I can write a post about it. Just leave a comment below. I won't write about it if you don't really care, so let me know). At this point, I'm not embarrassed about it, but it really does make other people feel awkward so they usually shut up pretty quick. It's a good deal.

Today I was at Mr. Tire buying $600 worth of tires. When I got there, the (sketchy) guy asked me if I also wanted road-side asistance and a $250 alignment. Um, no. So I politely decline, and the guy then starts the whole charade of "Are you sure, etc, etc.". So I tell him I honestly only have the $600 for the tires, and he then pulls out a little credit application and says "Well here you go - 90 days same as cash!". I tell him that under no circumstances can I open a line of credit, as I'm in a debt management program. He then asks why I'm in a debt management program. ::um, really?:: I was dumbfounded. I tell him I used to buy a lot of stuff. He looks at me and says "How much stuff could you really have been buying? You're 12!"

Or I'm 26. Whichever.

At this point, I am pissed. I again decline the additional services and ask how long it will take to put the new tires on. He says "8 hours" and then leads me to the creepiest waiting room I've even been in, but honestly, thats a whole 'nother post.

Exactly 2 hours later (wtf?) I see my car being lowered from the lift. I walk out to the payment area. I start pacing. Why is this taking so long? As I walk up and down the wall of tires, I am asked "Practicing for your field sobriety test?" by one of the men sitting there. The man appears to be an employee, but he is sitting with his head on the desk. I look at him, confused. He sees my confusion and explains "You're practicing walking in a straight line, right?"

Um, no. I am waiting for my damn car.

Finally the keys come up to the front desk and I pull out my debit card to pay. The guy takes my card and says "Is this gonna go through, or did you buy too much crap on this card, too?'

OK, you win.


Amy said...

How rude! I hate it when they push it on you, but I try to remember that it is part of their job, but when they get insistent, that irritates me.

Cheap Wife said...

Are you SERIOUS?!
This had got to be one of the worst stories I have ever heard...those people at the tire store were terrible. I am so sorry that you had to be treated like that. That man shouldn't have a job if he talks to people like that. You should complain....that's NOT RIGHT!

Adam said...

You'll have to test my hypothesis, but Stephanie never gets asked if she has her card out already before even getting to the register. This eliminates any doubt with the cashier regarding your method of payment. I'll let you know if this proves to be true.

Anonymous said...

First of all that was rude and I'd definitely complain..(you know me) and second and most important...ya need to get a publisher and put this whole thing in book form...this is way too good. Then call Oprah, Ellen, the Today Show..even Dr. Phil and "poof" debt management is a thing of the past. Whaddaya waitin' for?? Love, Your Southern Aunt