Thursday, March 12, 2009

Marley's BFF.

This past weekend my girlfriend and her husband dropped off their sweet-as-pie bulldog at our house so they could take a long weekend in The City (I'm originally from NJ, so The City for me is NYC). When I offered to watch their meatball of a bulldog, I had no worries that she'd be perfectly fine at my house. I was, however, terrified that my dog wouldn't be so happy. For whatever reason, Marley isn't really great with other dogs. Ryan and I have our theories that she is still aggressive with other dogs because she remembers having to fight for food on the street, but we're not 100%. She's ok with some dogs, a little iffy with others, and with some, it's a complete no-go. She especially isn't fond of random boy dogs trying to have their way with her, but then again, I'm not really a fan of random human boys trying to have their way with me, so I guess I can't really blame her there. At any rate, I've been friends with B for 3 years now and had been putting off intros (between our dogs) because I was terrified Marley would hate the Meatball (don't worry, the Meatball has a name; I'm getting to it.) and do something semi-terrible, which would lead to B hating me and then me having to kill myself because B's one of my BFF's and it would be terrible if she hated me.

In reality, the girls got along famously and now I feel like a jerk for depriving Marley of her own BFF for the last 3 years. Sorry, Mar. Anyway, on the to pictures (because that's what you're really here for, right?)!!!

Meet Lola. She's an English Bulldog, which is really just code for Meatball. She has the most adorable smooshed in nose and little legs that seem to have no joints. She's 45 pounds of pure love.

After the obligatory butt-sniffing (it is what it is) and "Hey this is my house", Marley showed Lola the ropes and they got down to business. Here they are looking at Ryan, asking him if he was really going to watch another episode of The Wire, and if so, could he make some room for two puppies.

It seemed that there was another episode on, but there was only one extra spot on the couch. Marley, the gracious host that she is, gave the coveted couch spot to Lola, but can be seen here asking Lola if it was her turn to get some couch time.

Anyway, the weekend flew by and both girls had a blast. Blogger is being a jerk now and won't let me upload more pictures, so I'll be sure to put up some gratuitous puppy pictures later tonight.


Amy said...

OH Lola is Darling!!!

~K~ said...

I love the second pic!

Allison said...

So cute! I love it when dogs have best friends...Addie has 2 (Bella and Allie)