Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!

I really wish people would make a bigger deal out of Friday the 13th....Doesn't that look scary??? No? Oh, ok. At least I tried, right?

'Round here, today is just another day... nothing special going on. Not like in grade school when we'd do a whole day's worth of activities about black cats and not walking under ladders... it was like getting a little bit of Halloween again! I guess what it really boils down to is me loving to be scared (but in a controlled environment, like at the movies or a terrible school-run haunted house). Honestly, I love scary movies. All of them. The whole Saw series really rocks my socks (and by rocks my socks I mean makes me scared shitless), and I LOVED Disturbia. My utter love for Disturbia may also come from my love for Shia, but I'd say my love for the movie vs. Shia is really like 70/30. Or maybe 50/50. Whichever.

(If you're looking for the original appreciation thread, click here)

So, in honor of Friday the 13th and all scary movies, here's the trailer for a movie that I am dying (get it?) to see - The Last House on the Left.

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Claire said...

I <3 Shia too!

Kate said...

Seriously, who doesn't?

Amy said...

Oh me and you could be the best of friends! I absolutely LOVE horror movies and I loved Friday the 13th. Patiently waiting for my chance to see LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT!

Amber said...

today is Mr.B's birthday so we will celebrate that :)

Kate said...

Well, happy birthday to Mr. B!!!