Sunday, January 11, 2009

My undying love....

... for Mexican Coca-Cola might be in jeopardy when we move.

My love affair started on our honeymoon when we found some very cute little bottles of Coke and Diet Coke in our hotel room (if you're interested, maybe I'll do a review of our resort - it rocked my socks) mini-fridge and having just arrived we were a little parched. So we cracked open some Cokes and toasted to our first day away... and it was like Heaven. It really does taste like regular American Coke, but it's sweeter... but not in a bad way. Not in a syrup-y, too much Spenda type of way. I later found out this is because Mexi-Coke is sweetened with cane sugar, as opposed to high fructose corn syrup.

So while everyone else was sipping exotic "only on vacation" drinks, I was drinking rum and Mexi-Cokes. Of course, I dabbled in things like Mudslides and Mexican Sunrises:

But my staple drink was rum and Mexi-Coke. Sadly I do not have any pictures of my and some Mexi-Coke.

Anyway, I was sad to leave Mexico after 7 glorious days, but ECSTATIC to find that a grocery store near our house, Fresh Market, sold Mexi-Coke!!!!! So every once in a while when I'm grabbing something for dinner at Fresh Market, I'll pick up 2 Mexi-Cokes for us. It's a nod towards our honeymoon; sort of like a little reminder of the great week we had.

But we're moving and there's no Fresh Market within a 45 minute drive!!!! I'm wondering if I can get it shipped to me by the case....

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